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Cheap Car Rental Brazil Brazil offers cheap car rental from 97 USD per week.

Local travel in Brazil is quite easy. Public transport outside of the Amazon is generally by bus or plane, but there are a few train services. The service is mostly crowded, plentiful and fairly cheap, apart from planes. Moving around by rental car is also a good option but is not for everybody. Please follow the next tips for a care free rental.

  • All Locations for Brazil

    • Altamira Airport [ATM]
    • Aracaju Airport [AJU]
    • Barreiras Airport [BRA]
    • Bauru Airport [BAU]
    • Belem Airport [BEL]
    • Belo Horizonte Airport Confins [CNF]
    • Boa Vista Airport [BVB]
    • Brasilia Airport [BSB]
    • Campinas Airport [VCP]
    • Campo Grande Airport [CGR]
    • Carajas Airport [CKS]
    • Cascavel Airport [CAC]
    • Cataratas Airport [IGU]
    • Cuiaba Airport [CGB]
    • Florianopolis Airport [FLN]
    • Fortaleza Airport [FOR]
    • Goiania Airport [GYN]
    • Ilheus Airport [IOS]
    • Imperatiz Airport [IMP]
    • Ipatinga Airport [IPN]
    • Joao Pessoa Airport [JPA]
    • Joinville-airport [JOI]
    • Londrina Airport [LDB]
    • Macapa Airport [MCP]
    • Maceio Airport [MCZ]
    • Manaus Eduardo Gomes Airport [MAO]
    • Maraba Airport [MAB]
    • Marilia Airport [MII]
    • Maringa Airport [MGF]
    • Natal Airport [NAT]
    • Navegantes Airport [NVT]
    • Palmas Airport [PMW]
    • Petrolina Airport [PNZ]
    • Porto Alegre Airport Brazil [POA]
    • Porto Seguro Airport [BPS]
    • Porto Velho Airport [PVH]
    • Presidente Prudente Airport [PPB]
    • Recife Airport [REC]
    • Rio De Janeiro Airport Galeao [GIG]
    • Rio De Janeiro Santos Dumont Airport [SDU]
    • Salvador Airport [SSA]
    • San Jose Dos Campos Airport [SJK]
    • Sao Jose Do Rio Preto Airport [SJP]
    • Sao Jose Dos Pinhais Airport
    • Sao Luiz Airport [SLZ]
    • Sao Paulo Airport Congonhas [CGH]
    • Sao Paulo Airport Guarulhos
    • Serafim Bertaso Airport
    • Teresina Airport
    • Tucurui Airport [TUR]
    • Uberaba Airport [UBA]
    • Uberlandia Airport [UDI]
    • Vitoria Airport Es
    • Baleanrio Camboriu
    • Blumenau
    • Brasilia
    • Campinas
    • Cascavel
    • Curibita
    • Florianopolis
    • Fortaleza
    • Guarapuava
    • Imperatiz
    • Ipatinga
    • Joao Pessoa
    • Joinville
    • Limeira
    • Londrina
    • Maceio
    • Manaus
    • Mogi Guacu
    • Natal
    • Palmas
    • Piracicaba
    • Porto Alegre
    • Porto Velho
    • Recife
    • Rio De Janeiro
    • Salvador
    • Santo Andre
    • Santos
    • Sao Jose
    • Sao Luiz
    • Sao Paulo
    • Sorocaba
    • Teresina
    • Tres Lagoas
  • Car rental companies in Brazil

    • Thrifty Brazil
      Thrifty Brazil
    • Localiza Brazil
      Localiza Brazil
    • Budget Brazil
      Budget Brazil
    • Sixt Brazil
      Sixt Brazil
    • Alamo Brazil
      Alamo Brazil
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What to Expect In Brazil Tour

White sand beaches, samba music, tropical islands, amazing wildlife, spectacular Mountain View and scenic wetlands are what describe Brazil. This great country has a diverse landscape and ecosystem with the best of natural beauty. Covered by hills, mountains, plains, scrublands, and highlands, the terrain attracts amazing plant and animal species. It occupies the world’s most extensive system of rivers featuring eight major drainage basins-among these the big Amazon Basin. To see all the beauty of Brazil it is recommended to have a car rental, in this way you have the freedom to visit most places.

Natural Hotspots in Brazil

Rivers and Waterways

If you are a tourist in the region, you will find the Amazon River and the Parana Rivers in Brazil with its tributaries. The Amazon River is home to over 3000 fish and water animal species. The breathtaking Amazon Forest half of the planet’s forests with a diverse forest cover with over 10million animal species. You will definitely enjoy touring the Amazon by boat. The Brazilian water systems have spectacular waterfalls and tributaries for tourist attractions.

You can visit the world’s largest wetland of The Panatanal for the wonderful wildlife. This is home to numerous wild cats and dogs including the jaguar. If you thought Iguanzu falls are only in Argentina, you are wrong since it stands the border of the two countries.

Amazing coastline

If you would rather visit the coast of Brazil, ensure you tour the Salvador Beaches for spectacular views of natural pools and sandy beaches with reefs. This spot has quality world class hotels for your vacation accommodation. As you enjoy beach activities, you can take pictures of the scenic views of the palm trees and colorful beaches. Salvador offers plenty of vacation ideas for the whole family to enjoy. Divers will also find Brazil’s north eastern coast a sight to behold.


Brazil has numerous cultural celebrations to entertain its visitors. You can never get bored at the huge Rio de Janeiro carnival. For four days, you will get entertained by its amazing parade, vibrant costumes and samba music. Meet millions of tourists from all over the world attracted by the great festivals.

Sites and buildings

It also has historical sites including opera house in Manaus, colonial towns and churches. If you are visiting interior towns like Olinda and Ouro Preto you will sample delicious flavors of traditional delicacies in joints and restaurants within. Rio de Janeiros famous statue of jess Christ is a “must see”.

Did you know that Brazil shares its borders with almost all borders of South America?

Brazil stands as the fifth largest county in the world and it is among the big three in the Americas. It is surrounded by almost all states in the South American continent. While it borders Bolivia and Peru on its West, Argentina and Paraguay stand on its southwest. Uruguay is on the South and on its northwest are; Colombia, Venezuela, Suriname and Guyana.

Car hire in Brazil

You can tour Brazil, in a boat or you can choose to hire a car. You could as well opt to use taxi or a bus according to your preference. When finding the ideal vehicle for hiring, consider the cheap car hire services. These have affordable vehicles with special discounts. Car rental services provide huge discount rates for tourists especially when you hire a car online.

Car rental tips for Brazil

Rules of the road

There are standard driving regulations with a couple of exceptions.
You must park in the direction of traffic flow (so not facing it).
Running out of gas is an offence even if you are not obstructing traffic.
Its illegal to drive wearing flip flops and also to drive with your arm out of or resting on the window ledge.

Drivers License Policy

A full licence held for minimum of 2 years with no major endorsements. UK licence holders need to present the photocard.

If your driver's licence is not in the Roman alphabet (i.e. if it is in Arabic, Greek, Russian or Chinese) you are required to bring an International Driving Permit and your domestic licence. For driving licenses from countries not part of the international driving license treaty, an official translation of the license must be presented with the original license.

When renting within the EU, customers from non-EU countries must also present an International Driving Permit along with their domestic licence.

Additional Driver

Extra Driver/s can be added to the Rental Agreement at an additional cost. All Drivers must be present at the time of pick up and all must have valid driving licenses.

Age Requirement / Policy

Minimum and Maximum age requirements for eligible drivers and any restrictions.
Minimum age 21.

Cross Border Policy

Not Allowed

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Service and quality.

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There was no information about the amount of money that i should have available in my credit card to be used as safety deposit.